Case Study: Urgent Data Interfaces for a Large Energy Utility
A large energy utility needed flexible interfaces between their benefits administration system and their insurance carriers.

The Partner
This project was based on our partnership with a global consulting firm.


The Client
The client was a large energy supplier, with revenues over $14 billion.


The Challenge
In most benefit system implementations, the new benefit plans take effect in January. Accordingly, in most implementations, the client must finalize their decisions regarding benefit plans and insurance coverages by September, to give the implementation team enough time for a smooth implementation. In general, this provides a three to four month period to build and test the data interfaces, send the first live feed to the insurance carrier, and set-up the insurance carrier's system to process claims.

In this case the client changed their mind again, and again regarding the types of coverages to be offered and the insurance carriers to be used. In the end, the client did not make the critical decisions until December, long after the insurance cards should have been sent to employees and the new coverages should have been in place.

The client's final decision included twenty insurance carriers. Each carrier required a different interface in a different format. (Although some of the interfaces were HIPAA compliant, each was substantially different from the others.) They needed the interfaces built immediately. Our partner asked us to help.

The Approach
We used Applaud to build the interfaces. Applaud's tools reacted quickly to the dynamic nature of the project.  The rules for the data interfaces were changed again, and again throughout the project, making it a moving target. 

Our role included taking the lead role in working with the insurance carriers and the implementation team to identify and resolve issues. We also took the responsibility to document all decisions made throughout the process and communicate the decisions to all involved. We then used Applaud to build and test each interface and sent the initial files to the insurance carriers for their initial load process. Finally we documented the processes so our consulting partner could handle on-going maintenance.

The Success
In spite of the broad range of our responsibilities and the large amount of changing specifications, all of our work on all twenty interfaces averaged less than twenty hours per interface (only four hundred hours for the entire project). A quote from the Project Manager in our partner organization: "You guys grind out interfaces like nobody else!"


Why We Can't Mention the Names of Our
Partners and Clients

In this project we partnered with a global consulting firm and are contractually restricted from disclosing the names of the partner and the client. We will be pleased to provide references on request.

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