Case Study: Emergency ERP Data Migration
A large security service firm was being spun off by the parent company. Their new ERP software vendor had to implement in less than 90 days to help the firm avoid paying for an instance of the parent's ERP system.

The Partner
This project was a partnership with a global ERP software firm. Our Professional Services Group worked as a sub-contractor to the ERP software firm throughout the project.


The Client
The end-client was one of the largest security service organizations in the U.S., providing monitored security services to over one million businesses and residences.


The Challenge
The security service firm was being spun off by the parent company. Our partner, a global ERP software firm, had to implement in less than 90 days to help the client avoid paying for an implementation of the parent's ERP system. Our partner asked us to help. The objective was for the partner to be able to begin testing the new system in four weeks.


The Approach
We began by using Applaud to extract, profile and analyze data from over 400 source tables in the parent company's ERP system. We used the facts learned from profiling and analysis to document the data mapping specifications and gain agreement for the migration objectives with the ERP partner, end-client, and parent organization. We then cleansed the data and developed transformation and load components to populate the new ERP system tables.


The Success
The project was a huge success. In less than four weeks we profiled, analyzed, cleansed and migrated the data from the parent company's systems into the new ERP system, enabling the ERP vendor to test the system. The overall implementation was successful and on-time. The client said: "We would never have been able to make our dates without Premier and Applaud, even with a ton of resources".


Why We Can't Mention the Names of Our
Partners and Clients

In this project we partnered with a global consulting firm and are contractually restricted from disclosing the names of the partner and the client. We will be pleased to provide references on request.

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