Case Study: ERP Data Migration for Global Manufacturing/Retail Organization

A global manufacturing and retail organization needed to migrate data to a new ERP solution in a short time due to a delayed project start.


The Partner
This project was based on our partnership with a global consulting firm. Our Applaud Professional Services Group worked as a sub-contractor to the consulting firm throughout the project.


The Client
The end-client was a $4 billion global manufacturing and retail organization, employing over 35,000 employees in North America.


The Challenge
The client was implementing a new ERP solution for their North American operations. The new solution included multiple new applications that needed to be implemented. The source data was in an outsourcer's complex mainframe system in addition to several other disparate legacy sources.

The new systems needed to be operational by July 1, and the project start had been delayed into mid-February. The consulting firm asked us to assist with the data migration.

The Approach
The solution was based on Applaud's data migration and cleansing capabilities.

We began by using Applaud to extract, profile and analyze data from the legacy systems. The consulting firm used the facts learned from profiling and analysis to establish the data mapping specifications and gain agreement for the migration objectives with the end-client.

The legacy system data contained many data quality issues. We used Applaud to identify data quality problems and to cleanse the data. Cleansing was accomplished both by correcting data issues in the source systems as well as automated correction during the migration process. We then used Applaud to develop transformation and load components to populate the new ERP system.

The Success
The project was a huge success. The overall implementation was successful and on-time. Both the partner and the end-client agree that the Applaud solution conservatively reduces the time and cost by at least 50% compared to other alternatives. The consulting firm's Project Manager said: "Great conversion", "Very clean data", "Impressive ability to accommodate very tight turn-around times" and "Exceeded my expectations tenfold".

The consulting firm is moving to make Applaud a standard part of their implementations. Following this project the end-client acquired another company and engaged our Applaud Professional Services Organization for the data migration, which was even more of a success.

Why We Can't Mention the Names of Our
Partners and Clients

In this project we partnered with a global consulting firm and are contractually restricted from disclosing the names of the partner and the client. We will be pleased to provide references on request.

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