Case Study: Global HR/Payroll/Benefits Software Firm
A global HR, payroll and benefits software firm needed to reduce their implementation timeframe and cost.

The Partner
This project established a partnership with a global software firm that serves the HR, payroll and benefits needs of more than 1,400 businesses.


The Challenge
The software firm needed to reduce their timeframe for implementation. They also needed to reduce the cost of the data migration effort. They saw the data migration as a large area of risk and cost in all new implementations, and needed to mitigate the risk.


The Approach
Our relationship began with an outsourcing model and since has moved to a solution that has enabled the software firm to successfully perform all data migration projects independently, without our assistance.

For the first year of our relationship, the software firm chose to use us as outsourcers of their data migrations. This was done for several reasons. The software firm was growing very quickly and barely had adequate resources to oversee implementations. Outsourcing the data migrations allowed the firm to leverage their implementation expertise over more clients. Outsourcing the data migrations to our Applaud Professional Services Organization supported fast growth with the least amount of risk.

Approximately one year after we outsourced their first data migration, the software firm hired a staff for their data migration team. We trained the team and worked on-site to support their efforts for approximately three months before turning over the reins. Within four months the software firm was 100% independent for all data migrations.

The Success
The partnership is a huge success. The software firm has reduced their implementation timeframes by one third and have reduced the time and cost of data migrations by at least 50%. The Project Manager said: "Easily half the time".


Why We Can't Mention the Names of Our
Partners and Clients

In this project we partnered with a global consulting firm and are contractually restricted from disclosing the names of the partner and the client. We will be pleased to provide references on request.

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