Data Migration and Data Conversion Solutions
Our Applaud data migration and data conversion solutions deliver a conservative 50% reduction in time and cost compared to every other alternative. In addition to licensing the Applaud software, we offer comprehensive outsourcing services for data migration and data conversion projects.
  A Growing Need
Many of the changes occurring in business today require some form of data migration/data conversion - the process of moving all of the data from one or more legacy systems into a new replacement system. Data migration and data conversion projects are driven by mergers, acquisitions, movement to ASP and outsourced solutions, as well as implementation of new software. In all of these, the business needs span a wide variety of software applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), HR/payroll/benefits (HCM), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), financial/accounting, etc., as well as many industry-specific applications such as banking, insurance, retail, transportation, etc. The actual software used includes custom system development as well as software products from literally thousands of software vendors including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards/E1, Retek, Siebel, Lawson, OTM/G-Log, Ariba, etc., just to name a few.

“83% of all data migration projects either fail outright or suffer significant cost overruns and/or delays”



Code, Load and Explode
Unfortunately the actual cost of migrating and converting data is frequently much greater than was initially anticipated. All too often, data migration and data conversion projects fall into the syndrome sometimes called "Code, Load and Explode".

The symptoms of Code, Load and Explode will sound familiar to most implementation teams: develop programming logic - run a test load - the load fails - discover that data mapping specifications were incorrect - react by changing specifications - delay to adjust programming - re-test the load - the load fails - find additional incorrect data mapping specifications . . . react again . . . delay again . . . over and over . . . increasing the cost beyond anyone's worst imagination, and often jeopardizing the success of the entire implementation.


The Underlying Cause
Code, Load and Explode is caused by three specific problems:

Lack of Data Knowledge – Documentation for legacy systems is often incomplete, out of date, or missing entirely.  Most organizations assume that they understand the structure and content of the data in their systems, so they feel the data migration/conversion project will be a trivial part of the new system implementation.  Unfortunately, most organizations don't learn that their assumptions are incorrect until much effort has been wasted, and the implementation timeline is in jeopardy.
Data Quality Problems – Most organizations do not learn that they have significant data quality problems until they are in the final stages of the implementation project, or worse yet, when the new system is failing.  Not until they actually see the data in the new system do they realize that their data quality problems were far worse than they ever imagined.  All too often, implementation projects must be deferred for unanticipated data cleansing, causing huge cost overruns and risking implementation delays.
Lack of Flexibility for Fast Specification Changes – Problems 1 & 2 above cause problem 3.  Because of problems 1 & 2, the original specifications for the data migration/conversion are based on inaccurate assumptions regarding the content, structure, and quality of the data.  This means that the realities of the data content, structure and quality are discovered piecemeal, one-at-a-time.  As a direct result, the migration/conversion project becomes a "moving target" and experiences a huge volume of specification changes.  Sluggish tools such as conventional programming and complex ETL tools are unable to respond quickly to the dynamic nature of the project, further increasing the cost and the risk of failure, and jeopardizing the entire implementation project.
  Applaud Is the Solution – Four Unique Features . . .
Applaud is the only software designed specifically for data migration and data conversion.  There are four specific features in Applaud that address and solve the problems identified above.  Applaud is the onlysoftware that provides any of these four features.
  1. The Only EPACTL Software Product
First, Applaud is the only EPACTL software tool - the only single software product with integrated tools to Extract, Profile, Analyze, Cleanse, Transform and Load data.  Applaud's EPACTL design provides integrated tools to accomplish all requirements for data migration, data conversion, and data consolidation projects.  Applaud is the only software that puts it all together in a single product. 

The importance of fully integrated EPACTL tools cannot be over emphasized.  Integrated tools enable the user to build features that include any combination of multiple components.  For example, a single feature in an Applaud solution may include components to extract data, profile the data, analyze the data to identify quality problems, perform cleansing, transform the data, perform additional analysis to ensure that the cleansing and transformation are accurate, and also load the result data into the target system.  

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Applaud is the Only
EPACTL Software Product
The only single software product with integrated tools to Extract, Profile, Analyze, Cleanse, Transform, and Load data


  2. The Only Data Repository
Second, Applaud is the only software that provides a data repository designed for data migration, data conversion and data consolidation projects.  Applaud's data repository is the central location of all data throughout the project.

Applaud's Data Repository is the Central
Location of All Data throughout the Project
"An innovation that will change the industry"

Applaud's data repository is a dynamic storage facility for profiling, analysis, cleansing, and transformation.  The data repository provides the ability to build staging tables, simulate target tables (without a connection to the target database), and even replicate the entire legacy system to analyze data relationships.  

The data repository uses proprietary technology that responds instantly to data definition changes.  For example, new data elements may be inserted in the data repository "on-the-fly" as components are built.  The data repository supports data definition changes without requiring data to be re-extracted during development testing.  Conventional RDBMS technology offers nothing to support fast data definition changes.  Applaud's data repository is amazing in its ability to react.  

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  3. The Only Rapid Application Development Software
Third, Applaud is the only Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool designed for data migration, data conversion and data consolidation.  Applaud's rapid application development tools dramatically reduce the time and cost of building and changing data management components.

Applaud solutions are developed using intuitive screens instead of conventional programming.  In addition, Applaud offers a family of innovative tools that speed specification changes.  The net result is amazingly fast development and even faster response to specification changes.  With Applaud, specification changes are fast and easy. 

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"Impressive ability to accommodate tight turn-around times. . . Exceeded my expectations tenfold!"

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4. The Only "Feature Plug & Play" Reusability                  
And Fourth, Applaud is the only software with "Feature Plug & Play" reusability.  Applaud was designed as a consultant's tool for repetitive, similar engagements with multiple clients, making it easy to leverage work from prior projects.  Everything you build in Applaud is reusable, at the "feature" level.   Many software products offer reusability, but Applaud is the only software that lets you reuse entire features from one solution in another solution.  In other words, any feature you build for client A can be easily reused for clients B, C, and D. 

Learn more about Applaud’s “Feature Plug & Play”…
  Extraordinary Results                  
Applaud delivers three important advantages:
Conservative 50% Reduction in Time and Cost - Integrated tools, the data repository, rapid application development, and reusability work together to deliver an amazing reduction in the time and cost compared to every other alternative.  50% is a conservative estimate.  Most organizations find the reduction to be much larger.
Dramatically Improved Data Quality - Equally important to the cost reduction, Applaud projects result in dramatically improved data quality.  Data quality issues are identified and corrected early in the project, without risking the success of the implementation.  Other alternatives offer no help for data quality issues.  Applaud finds and resolves data quality problems quickly and efficiently.
And Most Important: Minimized Risk - The most important benefit of Applaud is the minimized risk of problems.  Data migration and data conversion projects are exposed to a huge risk of cost overruns and delays.  Applaud minimizes the risk!

See how the Applaud solution reduces the time and cost by 50%.


"Phenomenal Success!"

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Getting Started
The easiest way to see the Applaud solution in your environment is to outsource part of (or all of) a live data migration/conversion project to our Applaud Professional Services Group.  Our hourly rates are very reasonable and you should expect at least a 50% reduction in the time spent compared to every other alternative.  (Important note: There is no software cost if we outsource the project.) 

Our Two-Week Pilot Project offers you a no-risk way to see the Applaud solution at work in your environment.  We will work on-site at your direction on your live project for two weeks.  If, at the end of two weeks, you are not absolutely amazed by our success, send us home and you will owe us nothing but our travel expenses. 

However, if you are impressed by our success (like every organization that has accepted this offer), we will bill you for the initial two weeks and we will continue to work at your direction to ensure the success of your project.

After seeing the amazing success of your first project with our data migration/conversion/ consolidation services, you will be equipped to evaluate the alternatives for future projects.  Your options include licensing the software and building an in-house center of Applaud expertise, continuing to outsource data migration/conversion projects to our staff, as well as hybrid options designed for your specific needs.  We assure you that all of the above will yield excellent results.

Contact us at 800-426-0428 or to get started. 


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