The "No Risk" Two-Week Pilot
We will work on your live project for two weeks.  If, after two weeks, you are not amazed by our success, send us home and pay nothing but our travel expenses.

Premier International's two-week "Pilot" project is a no-risk way for interested organizations to see the Applaud solution at work.

The Pilot begins by assigning a member of our Applaud Professional Services Group to your live project.  Our consultant works at the direction of your staff on the project.   If at the end of two weeks you are not absolutely amazed by the success of Applaud, send us home and you will owe us nothing except travel expenses.

However, if you are impressed by our success (like every organization that has accepted this offer), we will bill you for the initial two weeks and we will continue to work at your direction to ensure the success of your project.


We are confident you will be amazed at the end of your Pilot project and will want to proceed.  Our confidence comes from the fact that we have never been sent home after the two-week Pilot.  Every organization that has accepted our Pilot offer has gone on to use our services and software. 

Furthermore, every organization that has used our software/services has come back for more.  And most importantly, literally every consulting firm and every software firm using our Applaud software/services considers us a strategic advantage.

Again, you should expect the time and cost to be reduced by at least 50% compared to every other alternative.  No other solution offers a data repository and no other solution offers true integrated tools.

"Wow . . . I'm convinced!"

Chief Architect
Global appliance manufacturer
On the second day of their Pilot Project Details…



The Applaud Approach

Hourly Rates and Expenses
Premier International's travel expenses will only include coach airfare, lodging, a per-diem allowance for meals, and ground travel to/from airports, hotels, and the client’s office. 

Assuming you chose to proceed, and only if you choose to proceed, we will bill for the time spent on the Pilot project.  Billing afterward will be for each two-week period.

Hours billed include only the actual productive time worked on the project.  Hourly rates vary based on the resource assigned.  Again, our rates are very reasonable and you should expect the time spent to be less than half of what it would take using other any other alternative. 

Getting Started
We very much look forward to the opportunity to begin your Pilot project.  Please contact us at 800-426-0428 or to get started.  You won't be disappointed…




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