Our Applaud® software is a robust "Rapid Application Development" tool designed for the most challenging data projects. We offer solutions that leverage both our Applaud software and our Applaud professional services.

ApplaudTM® Software - We offer licenses for the Applaud family of software products and provide formal education with on-site support.
ApplaudSM® Professional Services - In each solution area we also offer a wide range of Applaud-related services including design, development and full project outsourcing.
Results - Our partners and clients tell us our Applaud solutions deliver a conservative 50% reduction in time and cost compared to other alternatives.

Data Migration and Data Conversion
Data Consolidation
Data Cleansing
Data Assessment
In most system implementations, the largest area of risk is data migration and conversion - the process of moving all data from one or more legacy systems into a new replacement system.

See how Applaud solutions are superior to every other alternative.
Data consolidation (the process of combining data from multiple instances of the same software and/or data from multiple disparate systems) is one of the largest areas of risk in IT projects. The Standish Group estimates that that 72% of all data consolidation projects fail or suffer significant cost overruns.

We provide both software solutions and complete outsourcing solutions to speed data consolidation and eliminate the risk.
The importance of a data quality initiative cannot be overstated. A recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that poor data quality costs businesses globally more than $1.4 billion per year. They also found that over one-third of all new implementations are delayed or scrapped due to data quality problems.

We offer comprehensive software solutions as well as full outsourcing services for data cleansing projects. See how our solutions are superior to every other alternative.
The success of your business depends on the quality of the data in your systems. Our data assessment services provide fast and affordable solutions to analyze and assess the quality of your data. In an amazingly small amount of time and cost we will deliver a thorough analysis of the content, structure, and quality of your data.

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"Easily half the time!"

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Global consulting firm
"You guys grind out interfaces like nobody else!"

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Global consulting firm
EPACTL will reduce your data migration, conversion and consolidation costs by over 50% compared to any other solution.
"Impressive ability to accommodate very tight turn-around times"

Project manager
Global services firm
Our data quality audit services will identify data quality problems faster and less expensive than any other alternative.
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