Educational materials about Applaud, Data Migration, Best Practices, and other topics to help educate the reader in reducing risk on complex Data Migration projects.

Conquer the Data Migration Mountain

In today’s business world, data is everything.  When data quality is ignored or Data Migrations are poorly handled, the harmful results cost the company and, in many cases, the people involved. Premier International eliminates the risk on Data Migration projects. Premier International’s EPACTL services and software are specifically designed for data migration

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Workday Data Migration Overview

The implementation of a new ERP system, like Workday, is a major undertaking.  Data migration is a critical, risky and ephemeral component of any such project. Download the full paper to learn how Premier International’s Applaud Data Migration Services help overcome these challenges and remove the risk through a combination of Approach,

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Data Migration – More than Just Integration

Data Migration and Data Integration are mission critical aspects of today’s business application landscape, each serving different needs. While Migration and Integration are related, they are two fundamentally different activities with contrasting requirements. They need to be approached as such. When Migration is treated like Integration, the risk of failure greatly

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EPACTL vs ETL – Beyond Extract, Transform, Load

Industry experts agree that Data Migration poses the largest risk in any implementation. The findings are the same across platforms (SAP, Oracle, Workday, etc), infrastructure model (Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid) and industry (ERP, HCM, MRP, etc). There are countless stories of implementations suffering delays, overruns, and even outright failure stemming from Data

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