Projects that were successful because of Premier International’s excellence in consulting services and software

SAP Data Migration Success (S/4HANA)

While the design and manufacturing principles of a 100 year old furniture company withstood the test of time, its custom legacy mainframe ERP systems did not. To make the transition from their custom platforms to SAP S/4HANA, the company partnered with Premier International to assess the difficultly of the migration process and

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Data Migration Rescue for a $14B Surgical Equipment Company

A $14B Surgical Equipment Company (Client) was in the midst of consolidating a recent acquisition into their existing JD Edwards Enterprise One (E1) application.  The majority of the Data Migration work was being performed by the Client. As the Go Live date approached, development of the migrations fell behind to the

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Consolidating 10 Legacy ERPs Into Oracle EBS

After years of acquiring companies, a $22.5B Diversified Manufacturing Conglomerate was left supporting and maintaining each of the different legacy manufacturing and ERP systems. In order to simplify and standardize back office processes, a multi-year project was initiated with the intent to increase productivity, improve customer experience, and leverage resources across

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$2.8B Higher Education PeopleSoft Success Story

A for-profit higher education organization continually acquired universities as their network expanded over the years.  Each university traditionally utilized separate (and often disparate) financial systems. 

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$11.3B Cosmetic Giant Oracle HCM Success Story

After years of acquiring various brands and companies, an $11.3B global leader in the beauty industry was left supporting and maintaining multiple different legacy HR/payroll systems. These systems were run by either the individual lines of business or outsourced to Third Party Administrators (TPAs).  To increase productivity, improve customer service, and

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