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Eliminate the Risk From Your Cloud Migration

Complex, Ready Yesterday, On Budget?  No Problem!

Moving to the cloud can be a daunting task.  Every organization has a unique data footprint that requires thorough analysis and custom rules to successfully migrate to the cloud.  With limited ability to systemically update or change data once it reaches the cloud, proactive data quality initiatives, pre-load data validation, and reconciliation processes are vital.  Our proven expertise and technology will accelerate your timeline, eliminate the risk, and free up your resources to focus on the road ahead.

The Applaud® Solution

The Applaud data migration solution uses a combination of technology and services to safely and uneventfully take you into the cloud.  Our RapidTrak methodology provides the tools and structure to ensure the project remains low risk, on schedule and within budget.  Working hand in hand with your team, we deliver a solution that is uniquely tailored to the complexities of your business.

Applaud® Data Migration Services

Our team averages more than 8 years of experience focusing exclusively on data migration projects.  Our extensive experience across a wide range of industries and applications allows us to proactively identify and address issues that plague data migrations.  Our commitment to your success reduces the risk and accelerates the implementation.

Applaud® Data Migration Software

Designed from the ground up to address data migration challenges, Applaud’s integrated toolset provides a superior level of data knowledge and process flexibility, allowing the automation of complex cleansing and transformation rules for vast data sets.  Development and ongoing process changes are lightning fast, reducing cost and accelerating the ability to react. The increased data quality dramatically improves reporting accuracy and business process efficiency.

“More than 80% of Data Migration projects run over time and/or over budget. Cost overruns average 30%.”
– The Bloor Group

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  • Extract data from any legacy source
  • Generate data profiles for every data source
  • Produce harmonization reports that compare data across disparate sources
  • Create analytic reports tailored to your requirements
  • Consolidate legacy data and structures into a centralized data repository


  • Establish and implement a data quality strategy
  • Proactively identify data quality issues
  • Enforce data governance standards
  • Identify and consolidate duplicate data within and across disparate sources
  • Construct and enrich data sets to address missing values
  • Monitor go-live data readiness


  • Architect and execute data migration strategy
  • Develop automated and repeatable processes
  • Institute a scalable solution designed for complex legacy landscapes
  • Recognize changes to enable delta conversions
  • Rapidly incorporate ever-changing business requirements
  • Accomplish all data needs through one team, using one product


  • Reconcile migrated data against its original sources programmatically
  • Validate business processes using parallel test reconciliations
  • Track all data exceptions and agreed upon resolutions
  • Provide summary statistics of all migrated data
  • Create legacy data audit trail

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