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Be Prepared With Our Enterprise Data Assessment

Make Decisions Based on Facts,  Not Assumptions

Industry experts have found that organizations which do not prepare for upcoming IT transformations are far more likely to be ill-equipped for the work needed for successful execution.  Lack of preparation is one of the leading causes for project delays and budget overruns.

Our Enterprise Data Assessment is a quick, focused effort that helps prepare organizations for their upcoming initiatives.  During this process we analyze your data, identify data quality issues, produce reports tailored to your organization, and provide recommendations to prepare you for your next steps.

“Most organizations are ill-prepared for the complexity of legacy data migration”
– Gartner

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A typical assessment project may include analysis of several disparate legacy systems. See comprehensive results in as little as 10 days.


  • Analyze the relevant data across your application landscape
  • Generate detailed data statistics and facts for every data element in every relevant table/file
  • Report invalid data scenarios
  • Summarize unique data patterns in key data elements
  • Identify additional data-related anomalies


  • Understand redundant data within an individual application and across multiple disparate applications
  • Review and quantify missing, erroneous, and inconsistent data
  • Gather metrics summarizing identified data errors
  • Compare legacy data against data governance standards


  • Review detailed findings with the project team and issue recommendations
  • Define a data quality strategy that outlines cleansing recommendations for each distinct error
  • Provide guidance regarding historical data
  • Brief project leadership regarding potential risks

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