The Impact of a Failed Data Migration

In a previous post, we looked at a number of reasons why Data Migration can be a risky proposition. The cost of a Data Migration can be thought of from two angles—the Direct Cost (how much did the services cost) and the Indirect Cost ( lost revenue due to decisions based

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7 Reasons Data Migrations Fail

Industry experts agree that Data Migration poses the largest risk in any implementation. While there is a common misconception that Data Migration is simply moving data from Point A to Point B, the reality is almost always much more complicated. Gartner has recognized the risk inherent to Data Migration. “Analysis of

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Conquer the Data Migration Mountain

In today’s business world, data is everything.  When data quality is ignored or Data Migrations are poorly handled, the harmful results cost the company and, in many cases, the people involved. Premier International eliminates the risk on Data Migration projects. Premier International’s EPACTL services and software are specifically designed for data migration

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